About FarFaria's Reading Levels

FAZ, FarFaria's Standards-aligned A-to-Z reading level system, was created to help children excel in reading. With independent book reviews by MetaMetrics, FAZ Reading Levels accurately reflect each book's text complexity, allowing teachers and parents to easily track children’s reading progress.

FAZ reading level badges are prominently displayed on the cover of all FarFaria books. Tapping the badge will provide users with detailed information about a specific book, including Lexile Measurement and word count. Additionally, users will find information about how each grade level band is defined and what skills young readers should be mastering.

How to Sort by FAZ Reading Levels:

  • Open up any of FarFaria's islands, such as Fairy Tale Falls, and tap Enter.
  • Tap the Sort button in the upper left corner.
  • Then tap on Reading Level.

FAZ is…

  • Comprehensive: All 1,000+ books in FarFaria’s library are thoroughly reviewed by reading specialists and measured on a number of qualitative and quantitative criteria.
  • Informative: Detailed information about how texts are measured, including Lexile text measures and word count, are provided in each book.
  • Intuitive: FarFaria’s Common Core-aligned reading levels clearly correlate to a specific grade levels, making the system easy to use and understand.

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