How to Use Your Subscription from on Multiple Devices

As of January 31, 2023, FarFaria will no longer be offering subscription purchases via our website. Your subscription will remain available until its current expiration date. After your subscription expires, it will not auto-renew.  Monthly subscriptions will still be available for purchase within the FarFaria app.

A subscription purchased via can be used on up to 5 devices. Before following these instructions, please ensure that you have the most recent version of FarFaria installed on your device. 

1.     Install FarFaria on your device
2.     Launch the FarFaria app 
3.     Tap on Parents and enter your Year of Birth
4.     Tap Subscription then tap Login to Activate
5.     Enter your FarFaria registered Username and Password

*If you can't remember your FarFaria password, you can reset it here.

IMPORTANT: If you are using an iOS device, FarFaria no longer supports operating versions prior to iOS 11. In order to activate your subscription on an iOS device, you must upgrade to iOS 11 or later.

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