How to Use Your Apple App Store Subscription on Multiple iOS Devices

As of January 31, 2023, FarFaria no longer supports website subscriptions, Educator subscriptions, gifts, and mobile annual subscriptions will no longer be supported. Additionally, FarFaria has discontinued support for Amazon App Store purchases and app use on Kindle devices. Monthly subscriptions will still be available for purchase within the FarFaria app. 

A subscription purchased via the Apple App Store can be used on up to 5 iOS devices. Please note that subscriptions purchased from the Apple App Store cannot be used across platform (i.e. on both iOS and Android devices). 

Before following these instructions, please ensure that you have the most recent version of FarFaria installed on your device. 

First, make sure you are logged in to the same iTunes Account/Apple ID used to purchase FarFaria.  On your Apple device:       

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap iTunes & App Store

The Apple ID you are logged into will displayed. If this is not the ID used to purchase FarFaria log out of this ID. To log out of this ID:

  • Tap the Apple ID. 
  • Tap log out.
  • Sign in with the Apple ID used to purchase FarFaria. (This Apple ID will be listed on the email that you received from the App Store at the time of purchase.). 

Then Restore your subscription.  After ensuring that you are logged into the correct Apple ID, you can Restore your FarFaria subscription.

  • Download FarFaria from the Apple App Store.
  • Launch FarFaria on your iOS device.
  • On the Subscription pop-up page, tap "Restore Purchase"
    • If you do not see the Subscription pop-up page tap Parents and enter your year of birth. Then tap Subscription and Restore Subscription.

IMPORTANT: FarFaria no longer supports operating versions prior to iOS 11. In order to activate your subscription on an iOS device, you must upgrade to iOS 11 or later.

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